Sunday, 4 February 2018

28-1-18 New Perch Water

I wasn't going to write this blog but I can come back for future reference if I need too and it is handy to have a Log of that day.I was looking forward to fishing my No 1 perch water and purchased half a pint of reds with the intention to float fish.The weather looked perfect 10 degrees for January and a sw wind it looked damn good.Then I checked out later on in the evening that the No1 water was closed due to a match,I was gutted.Anyway onwards and upwards I decided to go to a new water that's a huge resovoir,still needs work doing,it's only recently been obtained by the club and hasn't been heavily fished for a few years,so where do you start?????. I arrived just after first light armed with just half a pint of maggots and Lobworms.Id seen a peg on a work party that looked perchy and headed there.Nice sunken tree to my left and the dam wall,looked spot on.It was the perfect place to present the float,as the morning wore on I fed little and often,swapped and changed with length of lobs,fed small pieces of lobs,it just wasn't happening.As I fished into the afternoon it got no better.I decided to fish till the light was fading and hope a big un slipped upped.It didn't happen.When I arrived home I was thinking to my self don't take one rod again with you.My Avon rods have Tip sections aswell,if only I had the top section I could of searched the water out in front of me.So I learned from this trip and will be back at some point to search out the stripes.
Till I blog again,Tight Lines.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Reuben Heaton Scales 21-1-17

On one of my last barbel fishing trips I noticed both of the screws out of the back of my 40lb Flyweights had fell out,could of been worse if they fell apart.I contacted Reuben Heaton on how I could purchase the two screws.I recieved an email asking for my address and they would post out two free of charge.How nice of them to do this for me..............
Thanks Cathryn,screws now fitted and maybe some more PB,S this year.
Tight Lines,Till the next time .

Saturday, 20 January 2018

First session of 2018

Today I finally got out after dental work I've had to have done and last weekend was Definately a no hoper.After recent perch trips I've always done better in the afternoon,so I decided to arrive at 11am and fish till dark.Then it all went Pete Tong when I got to the peg,I lost my glasses somehow and also managed to knock my rod rest into the water.After trying to recover my rest of which I didn't was annoying.A trip back to the van to try and find my glasses and get another rod rest of which was a make do buzz bar with some butt grips that belonged to Chris I was finally fishing.Id been fishing about half an hour,struggling to see my float .A bailiff walked past and Asked how I was doing and I explained I'd lost my glasses ,within 2 minutes he found them past my peg,thank god and thank you very much mate.The rain continued to fall till around 1-45pm .I was struggling to get a bite and kept feeding maggots little and taken my Avon rod today and fixed spool reel so I could cast and try an area that's unreachable with the centre pin.The sun made short appearance,it was getting colder and as it was getting near to 3-30 pm I decided to fish directly in front of me a rod length out.I continued to feed maggots little and often and as the light faded,I'd blanked.A frustrating day but was nice to get out after such a long wait.
Till I'm next out bloggers.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

End of the year 2017

I've enjoyed my fishing this year it's been frustrating at times due to weather and work.As you have probably read over the years I like to fish for various species,My Favourites Are Perch,Pike ,Bream,Tench and carp.I also like to fish the odd match aswell and I don't normally plan out the year ahead but 2018 I might just try it out.I haven't fished for pike now for over 3 years ,basically I lost enthusiasm and turned to perch of which I've thoroughly enjoyed and now have four 2 plussers under my belt.For me fishing isn't a planed out event for me,I go when I can even if the weather isn't on my side,I'm  not lucky enough to go with work commitments when conditions are bang on.So next year I hope to split my sessions up and fish some different waters.Ive got my eye on a Big Res for my love of feeder fishing,A new water to try For Carp.Maybe a Return to a Tench/Bream water if I can get on again.

An Old Picture,Chris said I should do a Rod Pod Blog,Maybe.
Anyway Tight Lines for 2018 and what remains of 2017 Stay safe....

Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Real Hard Frost 28-12-17

Well the dream team were back together today for a Roach Perch Session .The frost was real heavy the night before ,would it prove to be a bite less day.We arrived at the lake,Chris set up in his usual swim fishing his helicopter and maggot feeder ,Me I set up further down fishing Lobworm close in feeding maggots.The wind was cold and the ground pretty frozen from the overnight frost.
View from my swim until the cold wind picked up and was making it difficult to watch the float,Chris had a few small roach under his belt until the hail stones came down real heavy.Chris must have moved his brolly 3 times during the hail periods we had during the morning,Me I had no brolly .
Around lunchtime after another heavy hailstone period again I decided enough was enough and decided to move further up past Chris into a more sheltered corner.As morning became afternoon Chris had caught a few skimmers and two Lovely roach,biggest 1lb 8 Oz.
Lovely conditioned roach .At around 2-30pm Chris suggested why don't we move lakes,of which probably suited me more than him.So we rounded up all the gear and moved.No more hailstones but the temperature had dropped and it was last chance saloon for me or a blank.Fresh lobworm,chopped up some lobs and fed a few maggots and sat back.There were plenty of swirls and perch chasing fry I was hoping they'd discover my Lobworm .Chris was casting around looking for a bite .Anorher coffee was poured trying to keep warm and occasionally topping the swim up with a few reds.
The moon in the distance was looking splendid in the sky ,but time was running out as we approached Dusk.
I just needed my float to sail away but as darkness was coming in thick and fast I admitted defeat as I could no longer see my float.A great day out catching up with Chris and an enjoyable day seeing Chris catching two lovely Roach.
Till the next time or Next year...................

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Perch Perch Perch 23 December 2017

Well I've not been out since my last perch session due to a bad cold and I also have had an abscess in my mouth ,so more dental work in January.I decided to fish a different lake since my last session in a peg I've fished before .Tactics feeding red mags and lobs on the hook.I arrived at the lake to heavy mist,visibility was poor but as I was fishing close in I could see my float.Temps today were supposed to be 10 degrees,but felt like 4 with the north westerly that was blowing on my back.It would take about 2 hours before I had a small perch.I trimmed down my lob as the float would sail away and there was nothing on,just small perch grabbing the lob.I carried on feeding a few chopped lobs and 5/6 Mags as I was building the swim.Around lunchtime the mist seemed to be clearing,but it wasn't that long before it came back.My next bite produced a better perch ,so at least they were getting bigger.As the day wore on I was cold and believe me I was wrapped up ,as the coffee got lower and the food was gone I was wondering now if anything was goin to come from this swim.It was due to go dark at 4 pm so I decided 3-45 would be pack up time as I had to be home to sort something out.At around 3-25 my float went ,rod bent,pin clicking and I really thought I had a decent perch.As I netted my prize,I smiled it wasn't a monster but well worth the wait.
Went 1lb 4 ounces,was really pleased.Any way till the next time and Merry XMas Bloggers.

Monday, 20 November 2017

A Brace Of 2,S 18 November 2017

Well I was really looking forward to my first proper perch session of the winter but first I needed some Lobworms.My usual place I was getting them from you can get them once a fortnight but the last lot I had were Rubbish.So I went online to Willys Worms and ordered them before lunchtime Wednesday and they arrived Thursday afternoon,well packaged and looked top drawer.I decided to take my float rod and pin and ledger rods if the weather was rainy and I'd fish static with alarms.I arrived at the lake and the weather was predicting 7 degrees,North westerly wind and higher air pressure than last Saturday.I opted to float fish and headed to a peg I fancied where there is a slight drop off in the margins.I fed little and often and with little happening apart from the slight drizzle I headed back to the van for a butty and a brew.i went back to the peg and had another 30 minutes.I decided to move and fish another spot.Another nice deep margin spot that in an hour all it produced was a small perch.I decided at 1pm to go back to the morning peg and stick it out till dark or when I couldn't see my float.
I carried on where I left off feeding little and often and a few chopped lobs went in aswell.As the afternoon wore on my float was lifeless,it was cloudy,overcast it looked pretty perfect but seemed I would have to wait and be patient and hope the perch would feed.Good signs were fry jumping to my left and plenty of fish topping.As I sat there mid afternoon I topped up with a few more bits of Lobworms and within a few seconds my float sank I counted to 3 and struck,Fish on ,centrepin clicking,rod bending as it put up a good scrap.It went over the net,it looked good too I was happy my patience had payed off.
2.7 and a new PB by 3 ounces,well chuffed.I could of gone home and settled for this but onwards and upwards let's see if there was going to be more to come.I re baited my hook,fed the swim,swung the float out on the spot and poured my last coffee and kicked back knowing mission completed and was just trickling some maggots in aswell .It was probably a good 30 minutes before my next bite,a dip on the float and moved to the left and I struck,this felt better as it was heading for a snag.I got it under control and a few lunges and the stripy was in the net.Looking at the fish in the net I was thinking it was off similar size.Back out with the camera.
And it was bigger,And another PB 2.15.......
It was a wide fish,look at its belly.Time for one more I thought,wishful thinking on my part,as the light faded and I was struggling to see my float,I packed up very happy and headed off home.
Till the next time bloggers,Tight Lines .